Next Generation Fighter Jets
​"New GenerationNorthrop F-5 Tiger and T-38 Talon aircraft designed single engine, Low cost, Low Maintainence effective multi-role Trainer/ Fighter.
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At Shadow System "Thinking Outside The Box" has proved to be the best solution 
to unresolved security breach issues. By employing these solutions to Environmentally Friendly Energy, Rapid Mobility, Patrol Security, Search & Rescue even NASA pilot traning we found products that have low environmental impact, field servicability, are cost effective, budget conscious and also user friendly.
The Vietnam War forced the United States to rethink its strategies on the battlefield in 1966. The need for rapid deployment, interdiction, enemy suppression and intelligence gathering was complicated by weather, jungles, swamps and poorly maintained roads. 
 In 1968 “Operation White Star” was the first of many covert ops designed to give the military a fighting chance. From that lesson a variety of “Outside The Box Solutions” were formulated. 
Task Force 116 commenced and later that year an operation named “Game Warden” commenced. This was the first time that hovercraft were used by the United States in direct combat zones. 
​It was so successful that many other similar operations commenced “Riverine”, “Bolo”, “Sea Lord”, “Site 85”, “Linebacker” and later “Linebacker II”. Countless American lives were saved by unconventional tactics and the use of unique equipment. To date they are still the most successful wartime operations since World War II.
Shadow System found a new generation 
of ULTV “Ultra-light Tactical Vehicles” for the 
future mobile infantry. Today technology is 
more advanced and new unique products are 
being manufactured that can be used for 
“Rapid Mobility”. In the 21st Century the foot 
soldier is all but obsolete. With the integration 
HUD and UAV technology the risk are lessened; 
However the Army fully equipped with ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Light Hovercraft will be the dominant combat force of the future. 

These products are user friendly, with low impact motorcycle technology, which reduces the cost, logistics and difficulties of parts spares and are field serviceable. 
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SportVue HUD Helmet  technology is now available to the public. We are bringing this affordable solution to patrol security, law enforcement and the military at a fraction of the past costs. Envision this RF based HUD technology working for your troops.
During the Vietnam War the MD-500 impressed both Air Force,Army and Marines with its low noise signature, impressive armament carrying capabilities, field service and exceptional handling and speed. Designated “Little Bird

"Task Force 160" the military [MD-500] versions AH-6J  named by pilots as the “Killer Egg”. Today the AH-6J still ranks #5 of the top ten best military helicopters.
 When the U.S.military need a solution to the vulnerability and failure of helicopter tail rotors the MHX competition was authorized. Of the three U.S. helicopter manufacturers McDonnell Douglas surpassed both Bell Aerospace and Sikorsky Helicopter with it’s NOTAR [No Tail Rotor] system.
It still is the fastest light helicopter in the business produced by a U.S. manufacturer, Both the "MD-500", "MD-600NOTAR iand "MD-900Explorer NOTAR is are "the least expensive and only rotor-less helicopter in the world”. 
McDonnell Douglas NOTAR is affordability.

Why isn’t in full combat service?  
 "Thinking Outside The Box" the aerospace industry has designed some of the most advanced fighter jets of the 20th Century. North American produced the F-100 Super Saber the "Worlds First Supersonic Jet".    [Click photos for archive videos]
The Republic Aviation F-105 “Thunderchief” [at left] supersonic fighter-bomber was Mach 2 capable F-105 bore the brunt of strike bombing over North Vietnam during the early years of the Vietnam War. During the war, the two-seat F-105F and F-105G the first “Wild Weasel” variants became the first dedicated Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) platforms.
 The McDonnell Douglas F-101 “Voodoo” was [above far left] a supersonic military fighter. While the “Voodoo” was a moderate success, it may have been more important as an evolutionary step towards the F-4 “Phantom II”, [at far left] one of the most successful Western fighter designs of the 1960s. The "Phantom II" would retain the twin engines, twin crew for interception duties, and a tail mounted well above and behind the jet exhaust.
The McDonnell Douglas A-4 "Skyhawk" [above left] and F-4 "Phantom II" [above] revolutionized the aerospace industry and placed the U.S. as #1 in Air Superiority

SAAB, Sweden bought a little known Pratt & Whitney engine from Canada code named “Iroquois” which proved to be outstanding. The 2 seat SK-37 [lright] & single seat JS-37 [bottom right] “Viggen” [Thunderbolt] “Worlds First Canard Wing STOL Fighter” was built. It has exceptional short field take-off and landing. 
Sadly Canada's CF-105 Avro Arrow [upper left] which used the same engine was never produced. 
 Dassault AircraftFrance produced their 
advanced fighters F1, Mirage [at left] & later the 2000 Mirage [bottom]; second generation canard wing fighter/ bomber. 
Lockheed, South America produced a unique twin turboprop IA-58 Pucara which means [Fortress] [left & below] which proved formidable, built for speed, maneuverability, ​leathality and crew survivability in mind. Pucara shared many similarities in both its combat role and outward design to the Rockwell OV-10 Bronco [at left and lower left]. 
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 ​​"New Generation Jet" [ at right] a potential light military version ​[Trainer/ Light Fighter] of the VIPER JET LXR [at right]  is ​now in developemental design and testing. The Viper is designed as the ultimate corporate craft.
EADS Aerospace supplies 1/3rd of the worlds helicopters EMS, Police, Fire Service and Military. 

Recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa have shown that helicopters are excellent force multipliers and give ground troops the critical tactical support. 


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​Because of the Vietnam War the F-4 was not being sold to our allies. U.K., Germany and France formed SEPTCAT and built the "Jaguar" [see far left] with almost identical handling characteristics of the F-4 Phantom.