WINDAUS ENERGY was another company contacted. 




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Robert Brave Eagle
Robert Brave Eagle
In 1999 I stumbled upon the Windaus Energy concept product. 
As [Robert Brave Eagle] I contacted many Native American 
nations and informed them of the advanced technology soon to 
be available to the public and asked them to the first group to 
embrace this new technology. I continued preliminary talks with 
Maurice at the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada based company
 to learn as much about the products through 2007. 
I was extremely pleased and inspired that currently NAEG [Native American Energy Group] is a United States distributor/ installer. NAEG is part of the “Green Apple Project” which has taken New York City by storm. NAEG was the first organization to form a cooperative business alliance with Windaus Energy of Ontario, Canada. 
The modular capabilities of the Windaus products are unlimited. Any project can be configured as a vertical or horizontal installation depending on the land available and the [wind] geographic location. Vertical Wind Towers offer the ability to be placed closer together in a smaller land area than solar panels.    
Smart people know there is no future in Coal [the major contributor of Acid Rain], Nuclear Energy is still too unstable and the by-products are absolutely useless and cannot be stored in the oceans forever. Geothermal is one of the only other technologies that offers an unlimited supply of absolutely non destructive [water is the by-product] Polaris Geothermal Solar Energy also offers friendly energy, a NOVA Series [Educational Television] program that aired in 2007 entitled “Saved By The Sun” is the most laymen informative alternative energy program to be produced in many years.
​The Amazing Windaus 6’ package options will save you time in providing electricity for general lighting, computers, electronics, small & medium appliances in every day and emergency applications. As stand-alone packages they are designed turn-key to allow immediate basic power for homes, apartments, businesses, disaster, field medical, military logistics, security command & control centers, including critical search & rescue operations.
Any general residential, small, medium and large business would greatly benefit from these remarkable environmentally friendly Windaus Wind Turbine power solutions. Reducing your energy dependence whether building a new home, condominium, business or just integrating environmentally friendly energy into your existing properties, Windaus has the perfect solution for any residential or business need with a financial solution for every project. Although some of these Windaus 6’ packages are designed for standard [120V], higher voltage [240V] and combination [120V/ 240V] specialty packages have been built. Windaus can also created custom packages for special applications for an additional cost.
As for military and disaster management the ability to arrive at the scene having immediate Windaus power stand-by ready, at a moments notice greatly allows First Responders the necessary tools to provide the basic community needs. If other power generators are needed; however there will already be lighting, computer, small & medium appliance power working. Combined with some of Shadow Systems other trans-portable shelter options you will have complete Mobile Emergency Command Shelters truck-ready and military cargo aircraft shipped at a moments notice. The 6’ Wind Turbines can be transported it standard 20’ x 9’, 32’ x 9’, and 40’ x 9’ HQ Container/ Trailers. 
                            WIND FARM PACKAGES
The Windaus 8’ WindFarm packages will provide electricity power for general lighting, computers, electronics, small & medium appliances in every day home or business use. At 17.9 mph winds one can produce 5.64 KWh per day, 169.2 KWh per mo. totaling 2,058.6 KWh per yr. This turbine is 8’ High x 4’ Diameter and will produce 11.1 KWh per day, 330.3 KWh per mo. totaling 4,018.7 KWh per yr. with winds of 24.4 mph. With a swept area of 2.973 meters squared / 32’ squared this is the most effective wind turbine in it’s class. 3 Phase/ 240V applications of small industrial production and medium machinery can also be provided by this size wind turbine. As stand-alone packages they are designed turn-key allowing immediate integration of basic power for apartments, condominiums, town homes and businesses. Medium or large corporate parks and Gated communities electrical needs can be greatly enhanced by these 8’ wind turbines.

​The All New Windaus 15’ HD WindFarm packages will provide much more electricity power for your general lighting, computers, electronics, small & medium appliances in every day business use. The HD is a 15’ High x 10’ Diameter wind turbine. Generating electricity with winds of 24.4mph it can produce 51.6 KWh per day, 1,548.7 KWh per month totaling 18.843.3 KWh per year. Using a large 13.935 meters squared / 150’ squared swept area at winds of 10kph turbine output equals 1.5HP and at 55kph winds reaches an impressive 10HP. As stand-alone packages they are designed turn-key allowing immediate integration of basic power.
This makes these wind turbines perfect for 3 Phase/ 4 Phase 240V applications of industrial production or heavy machinery applications. Power sub-stations will be more efficient with the integration of the new 15’ HD wind turbines form Windaus Energy. Today’s communities use more electricity than in the past. Coupling these wind turbines to assist electrical needs at peak hours utility services will be greatly enhanced by the use of the 15’HD Turbines. 
Solar Bollard Lighting formerly [] has solar lighting systems designed for everything from solar street lighting, solar bollards [path, dock, airport & atrium] lighting, solar car park lighting and solar billboard lighting. This "Australian Designed & Manufactured" lighting is just some of the many products available from this highly diverse solar technology company. 
In Australia where most of [EXlites] real life testing is completed, such diverse and harsh conditions from snow in winter to very high +100 degree summer temperatures in the central mining regions and monsoon conditions in some of the coastal cities create a diverse real life testing platform for their products. Their GEN II SBL Global Bollard design is one of most advanced solar designs in the industry!     

Shadow System is a “RECOVERY ACT” qualified company, and these Utility-Free solar products will exceed any residential, commercial or government expectations. We are a sales representative for Military, Native North America, State of New York and all SUNY Colleges & Universities. 
Today’s homeowners spend more money for their homes; so wouldn’t it be a wise investment decision to include these SBL vandal resistant solar bollards around the yard. Entrances, walkways, backyards, even the pool would greatly benefit from this Utility-Free lighting Club homes, Townhouses, Gated communities, both urban and rural residences and businesses will save thousands of energy dollars. This product will pay for it’s self in one year of use. Not to mention the yearly tax deduction.
The SBL Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard is way ahead of it’s time both in technology and applications. Standard color is White with Optional colors of Blue, Green, Amber & Red. These can be Static [Stationary] or Flashing. Standard Poles are Aluminum, Optional Poles: Galvanized Steel. Bollard dimensions 10”/ 257mm diameter and 7”/ 177.8 mm high, operating at a minimum of 9,000 cycles/ 10 years. Bollard Models also come in different wattages 80W [Autonomy 120 Hours]/ 120W [Autonomy 75 Hours].
Uses: Residential, Docks, Bike Paths, Pocket Parks, Atriums, Resorts, Business Jetports, Jogging and Nature Trails.
Available: SBL “Heritage Series” [Dark Sky Compliant”] Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard is 8’.2”/ 2.5 meters and 9’.8”/ 3 meter heights. These new pole options will sky rocket EXlites into the bollard street light market making  them the worlds leading innovative vandal resistant solar lighting company. Available in different wattages  120W150W  [Autonomy 60 Hours] & 210W [Autonomy 43 Hours]
Pole options will include: Standard, sign, Sign & Rubbish Bin, Rubbish Bin, sign w/ Mailbox, Sign w/ 4 Bike mounts, Sign w/ 3 Bike mounts, Sign w/ 3 Bike mounts & Rubbish Bin and Bike Rack Only.

Uses: Residential Sidewalks, Bike Paths, Parks, Resort Parking Lots, Apartment Complex, Business Jetports & Urban Planning.
SBL Vandal Resistant Solar Delineating Bollards for highway markings are also available in half colors: Blue, Red, Green, Amber & White. These are designed for all commercial applications. Bollard pole reflective tape option available. This is the same High UV Resistant bollard used for residential and busineses. It will operate with an industry minimum requirement of 3 Hours of sunlight Between 10A.M to 2 P.M. Autonomy without sunlight 120 Hours. It also carries a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Available in different wattages 75W [Autonomy 120 Hours]/ 120W [Autonomy 75 Hours].

Uses: Resorts, Parking Lots, Highways, Construction Zones, Business Jetports & Commercial Airports.
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Runtimes: 8-12 Hours Daily/ 3-4 hours Rain Days  
Life Span: 5-10 Years  
Battery Life: Every 2-5 Years  
Vandal Resistance: Low-Medium  
Protection: Potential Direct Impact Damage  
UV Effects: 3-5 Years/ Off The Shelf Polycarbonates - Yellowing  
Warranty:  1-3 Years if honored  
EXlites EXSB Series

Runtimes: 12-18 Hours Daily/ 43-120 Hours Rain Days
Life Span: Minimum 10 Years/ Possible to 20 Years
Battery Life: Never The power cell will outlast components
Vandal Resistance: Extreme Vandalism Attempts 
Module Protection: No direct Impact Possible
UV Effects: 8-10 Years/ Miinimal Yellowing By 10th Year
Warranty:  5 Year Replacement

IP 67/68, so it will be submersible and can withstand hurricanes, tidal surges and flooding. Not designed to live under water 365 days of the year at this stage but can stay sustained for a long period of time
Exclusive New Solar Bollard Lighting SBL2 can take a severe attack from vandals, are designed and built by using high grade polycarbonate materials. They spent over   2 years on this new design to ensure that all components, structural design,   power supplies are of the highest caliber possible. 

Uni-Solar revolutionized the industry in 2000 with their "Smart Home" system of solar roof shingles. In 2006 they raised the bar with adhesive backed "Solar Roof Shinles" for commercial applications. Whether you use the PVL-68 Volt, PVL-124 Volt, PVL-136 Volt or the PVL-144 Volt the panels are approximately 5007mm/ 197.1” L x 394mm/ 15.5” W x 4mm/ 0.2” D. Weight: 7.0kg/ 15.5 lbs 
Using 12 [AWG] gauge wired [560mm/ 22”], waterproofed, quick connect cables installation is simplified and fast. Bypass Diodes are connected at every cell. They  are sealed in place by Ethylene propylene adhesive sealant with microbial inhibitors.    20 Triple junction anamorphous silicon solar cells. Installations can be made between 10 degrees C/ 50 degrees F to 40 degrees C/100 degrees F. A maximum  roof temperature of 85 degrees C/ 185 degrees F. Roof Slope Min: 3 degrees/ Max: 60 degrees            
 All Panels Underwriters Laboratory Approved

Econo-Heat wall panel heaters offer out-of-the-way wall mounting and are an economic way of providing efficient room heating at a low cost. Using natural convection technology, heat is mainly generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient upward draft of heated air circulated into the room (the heated air rises at a speed of 0.7m per second!). This principle of convection means that about 90% of the heat comes from the back of the panel, while only 10% is radiated from the front of the panel. This form of background heating is extremely economical, safe and efficient.

Your Econo-Heat wall panel heater is designed as an alternative to conventional bar heaters and other forms of high output heaters that use large amounts of electricity. It operates at relatively low surface temperatures (75 – 90°C, dependent on the ambient temperature), and uses minimal electricity. Econo-Heat wall panel heaters are designed to be left on for long periods of time, giving you comfortable background heat at a low cost. This is similar in concept to a central heating system – yet far less expensive.
​Ice Energy's new "Ice Bear" Distributed Energy Storage System provides the most efficient heating and cooling for residential or commercial applications since the invention of Geothermal "Ground Source Heat Pumps". 
​​​Ice Energy delivers the industry's first hybrid cooling solution specifically developed to reduce air conditioning energy demand for small to mid-sized commercial businesses. Using thermally efficient, off-peak power to produce and store energy for use the next day, Ice Energy’s Ice Bear delivers superior cooling using just a fraction of the peak energy of conventional systems.
​There are numerous advantages to using e-Heaters electric wall panel heaters. They save on floor space, are safe to use around children and pets. Operating at the same electricity cost of just four incandescent light bulbs and can be painted to match any décor with PVA or emulsion type paint (do not use oil based paint). e-Heater Wall Panel Heaters are extremely versatile. The can be painted with water-based acrylic paint (do not use oil based paint) to match interior décor, enabling the panels to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. 

The Econo-Heat eHeater™ wall panel heater is not recommended for use in bathrooms or other rooms with exposure to water or steam. If a customer decides to install in these areas, the heater should be mounted above shoulder height and be out of reach of a person in a bath or shower. Econo-Heat will not be held responsible for any damage or injury sustained when used in such areas. Econo-Heat wall panel heaters are International Safety Standards approved and have a two-year warranty provided they are used correctly.
WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling products are among the most efficient, energy saving, environmentally conscience heat pumps you can purchase.  They are a natural heat pump that will give you years of reliable, safe home comfort at   a low cost. WaterFurnace systems come in three basic configurations. Nearly all of  our products meet or exceed the Energy Star® requirements needed to take   advantage of the latest tax credits.  

Lower Operating Cost: WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump system operates more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems because it can deliver an astounding five units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used. By combining stored earth energy with safe electric power, many WaterFurnace owners realize savings up to 70% for heating, cooling, and hot water. 
Environmentally Friendly: According to the Department of Energy and the EPA, geothermal systems are the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Our systems emit no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gasses, which are considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution. They are truly a natural, green heat pump. 
Polaris Geothermal Corporation in Nicaragua is providing geothermal energy and power to a region of their country in a new experiment with environmentally friendly and limitless power sources by tapping into the heat produced by thermal vents in the earth. 
Italy was the first country Pre- WWII in the world to construct and utilize geothermal energy. 

New Zealand 45 percentSweden 70 percent and Switzerland 30 percent of all new homes built are using geothermal heating and cooling

This means a considerable savings to the homeowners that invest in this affordable and friendly energy product.

Enhanced Comfort: Our geothermal systems provide precise distribution of comfortable air all year long, eliminating hot spots and cold spots. During heating, you'll experience warm air without the hot blasts associated with ordinary gas furnaces, or the cooler air of an air source heat pump. Additionally, when cooling, our geothermal units deliver cool, dehumidified air. 
Grasspave2 is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction. High void spaces within the entire cross-section enable excellent root development, and storage capacity for rainfall from storm events. 

Stormwater is slowed in movement through and across Grasspave2  surfaces, which deposits suspended sediment and increases time to discharge. Suspended pollutants and moderate amounts of engine oils are consumed by active soil bacteria, which are aided by the system’s excellent oxygen exchange capacity. 
Gravelpave2 is a structure to provide heavy load bearing support and true containment of gravel to create a porous pavement surface with unlimited traffic volume and/or duration time for parking. When used with a proper porous base course material, Gravelpave2 can provide a void space of 35% for storage volume of rainfall during rain events. For example, an 8" deep cross-section would store 2.8" of rain. Although bacteria concentrations are lower than with Grasspave2, polluted runoff and vehicle drippings are consumed prior to reaching the water table.  
is a permanent three-dimensional reinforcement and stabilization matrix for steep vegetated slopes and channel banks. The integral rings, bars, grid, and fabric act to contain upper root zone soils, allow vegetation roots to easily pass through, and minimize movement and loss by rain or flowing water. 

Slopetame2 is shipped in roll form, with connections allowing rolls to be fastened together forming one large continuous mat covering the entire face of long slopes. Rolls can also be pre-vegetated by vibrating sod into rings (or growing custom plant mixes in mat by contract), to allow mats to be placed and anchored to slopes with established root systems, able to withstand intense rainfall or water flow immediately. Holes can be cut in the mat to provide for large containerized or balled plant material.
is a plastic structure used to store storm water underground. Made from injection molded plastic, a single panel contains 36 vertical columns and exceeds H-20 loading, allowing the construction of driving areas, parking lots, or other small structures above the system. Built-in compression fittings allow units to easily stack to a variety of depths up to 8'4".   

Since 1986, the patented Beachrings2 System has provided access over sand surfaces to all individuals, including the disabled. The new Beachrings3 System is manufactured using injection molding for precise size, color, porosity, lighter weight, and lower cost. Rings, ribs, and solid sheet confine sand and prevent it from shifting away under the weight of people, wheelchairs, etc. Sand provides support; a strong plastic surface, which conforms to the ground, provides durability and traction. Our rolls provide a boardwalk wide enough for one or two wheelchairs or a platform for special events.
In June 2013 after conversations with David Worrell CEO of Windaus Energy, Shadow System signed on as a Minority Sub-Contractor to market and sell their Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to contacts in the United States, Caribbean & Mexico. As of 2013 NAEG no longer holds exclusive marketing and sales rights for Windaus Turbines.
They produce unique stackable "Vertical Wind Towers" [See photo above and right] that only need 12 mph to achieve full velocity producing up to [8’ Wind Tower] 169.2 KWh per month or up to 6,452.7 KWh per month. That’s at least 2,030.4 KWh per year and this from the smallest wind tower to power option produced by Windaus Energy.
Step Into The Future A NEW Industry Leading 5 Year Maintenance Free* Warranty!
​This solar technology is one of the most efficient solar systems to ever be produced. Uni-Solar is the first company to create the "Smart Home" family of products which allows consumers to 
integrate solar into virtually any home project!
High Temperature and Low Light Performance 
20 Year Warranty on Power Output at 80% 
Quick-Connect MC Cable Connectors 
Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance
UL Listed to 600 VDC
Meets IEC 61646 Requirements
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