“The Inside Story”

Born January, 20, 1953, New York City; coincidentally the same night Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President and Lucille Ball had her first child. 

Kindergarten was at Mrs. Browns School for Gifted Children, Queens, N.Y. I.Q. tests resulted was #136+. 

Forward: 1st Grade: 1958 my I.Q. was lowered on paper #130, I became the 1st Afro-Native American at the [U.N.I.S.] United Nations International School, N.Y. 

That first year an ear infection causing partial deafness forced me to read lips. When finally discovered an operation [manual puncture of outer ear to release the fluid and install an experimental hearing device] was done successfully. 

U.N. 2nd Grade: At age 6 developed “Ring Worm”, underwent a 2nd experimental operation [19 mins. of “X-Ray Scalp Epilating] burning off all my hair with extreme radiation. It killed the disease. When my hair finally grew back about 5 percent was gray. My grandfather called me his “Little Brave Eagle” and passed his Native name on to me. 

U.N. 3rd Grade: 1960 I got Ring Worm again this time I met Dr. Minzer [I had ever seen orange-metallic nail polish before that]. I was one of the 1st children to use “Terramycin” [Oxytetracycline] now the standard treatment for this disease. A car accident on the last day of 3rd grade ended my U.N.I.S. education.
Fast Forward: Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Sr. High School Home of: Monita Sleet, John Mackey, Julius [Dr. J] Irving, Howard Stern and later Eddie Murphy to name a few. 1967 joined the Junior NRA and the Roosevelt H.S. Rifle Team. 

I joined Civil Air Patrol 1968 to become a pilot. Also in 1968 thru 1970 attended R.O.T.C. at Hofstra University two afternoons a week [Handler: "Mr. P" Amazing Kreskin] I read @ 190+ wpm. 

1969 joined school wrestling team and by 1970 took 3rd in the N.Y. State Regional [Thanks to Mr. Addias & Mr. Boone [1968 U.S. Olympic Judo Champ]. Earning the nickname “Billy Blastoff” with  my first business “The Band”. I got a contract from Nassau County Dept. of Parks & Recreation playing the “Teen Canteen” in summer of 1970. 

I had just turned down a scholarship to [MIT] Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Pride & An Empty Sack” deciding my calling was to be a U.S.A.F. combat pilot; However the punctured eardrum decided otherwise. 

1st year of the Vietnam Draft in 1970 my Selective Service was #100 designated 1H. 

I Entered SUNY Farmingdale in Audio Visual Communications: Photo Tech, Electrical Tech, Engineering, Advertising Art, Air Conditioning, Business Management, Printing Machines & Audio Visual. 

Graduated June 1971 and became the youngest & first Afro-Native American, Audio Visual Department staff member in SUNY college history. Thank you Sidney Goldman A/V Director Rossevelt Jr. Sr. High, Prof. Dom P. [a.k.a. Mr. Wizard], Dr. R. Boman [a.k.a. Mr. Kodak Moment] & Frank F. [a.k.a. Mr. Jetson] and all those professors who believed in my abilities.
1974 I was set-up when Gordon Glass [my mothers U.N. co-worker Oscar Glass] gave my name after his rape arrest. He married the victim from Springfield College, Mass. The dirty little secret was finally exposed when in 2005 he was finally arrested and imprisoned on the open warrant by Massachusetts Corrections. He and his two brothers Leon [FedEx] & Stanley Glass [minister?] are well known to police as a.k.a. “Rape Brothers”. I suspect they were protected by Derek Partee [Nassau County Cop] who also attended Springfield College. 

Massachusetts Corrections: Gordon Glass [a.k.a. Robert English] , Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. Victim Kim Clark [Roosevelt, N.Y.] East Falmouth, Mass.

Since 1974 how many women have been raped in the United States or elsewhere by these men? What kind of people looked the other way all these years? 
1975-76 interested in “Studio Recording” work I attended SUNY Old Westbury two nights [Non-matriculating] taking music theory with Jazz musicians Richard Harper & Ken McIntire. 

I met two people that became instrumental contacts within the radio industry Kim [Kadisha Omar] Jarvis of WBAI AM [Public Radio] New York City & Frank Russell at WLIR FM, Garden City, N.Y. Sadly she was senselessly murdered in 1976 at Brooklyn College leaving behind a son. IRS Lesson #3: Always cash contract checks at the contractors bank to prevent insufficient fund penalties.

By 1977 my new business concept DANCEFANTASY combined a cub experience with portable DJ sound adding Lights, Theatrical Effects, Jazz & Interpretive Dancers including Roller & Break Dancers in various venues. My market was country clubs, catering houses, charitable fund raisers, restaurants, special events, business parties, colleges & universities. 

That same year I was introduced by a college professor to BESTEK Theatrical, Babylon, N.Y. After two years at BESTEK I would be contracted seasonally by Ken Longert Productions [Go-To-Guy]. From this meeting I’d do staging & lighting for all the major fashion designers in NYC under contract for almost 20 years. IRS Lesson #4: Always, Always, Always keep your receipts. 

Needing some  diversity I contracted a young Caucaqsion Luke "Skywalker" Frey who played salsa, Meringue & Disco in 1977. At a trubute party in Glen Cove that year I Met Doug Davenport. & Donna K. "Double Dose'' and found that donna was the olny female portable DJ on long Island. Dougs musical styl was similar to mine and since they had their own sound system and transportation I contracted them to work with a new "DJ Battle" concept.

1977 I took a grant position to document a progressive education program and teach photography at the Fiedel School, Glen Cove N.Y. It was a teaching position with photographer benefits. These children were gifted, some with IQ's above 240. This challenge proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my working career. Especially when my first meeting with the Administrator Mrs. Roslyn Fiedel yielded “shock and awe” when after examining the developing equipment I told her it was junk and nothing could be done contaminated trays and rusted equipment. 

A deal was struck that if I found suitable used equipment they would buy me what I needed. This agreement yielded a program she would not forget. [Note: This school was just down the road from the Russian Embassy on Desoris Lane]. IRS Lesson #5: A Sound business agreement is the art of negotiation.
In 1978 opportunity at JFK Int'l Airport I got assigned working for Triangle Ramp Services 

in the international terminal servicing: Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, SAS, Sabina, Austrian Air, Royal Jordanian, Icelandair, Air Jamaica, LaTour, Varig, Viasa, Aero Mexico, Air Afrique, China & Korean Air and in cargo at Evergreen & KLM. 

Working closely with the “Chase Teams” I certified on Tugs, Belts, Victory Truck, Steps, PL Pallet Loader, Multiple Tow Dollies & Baggage Trucks. Learning in addition tracking systems of Lockheed L-1011, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Boeing 707/ 747, Airbus A300/ A310, Military C-130/ C-141. I left after the Air Jamaica DC-9 accident in the international terminal that winter.

Flashback #1: 1960 John F. Kennedy had been elected President, I was impressed by his naval career especially in saving the life of one of his men, by towing him to safety after their PT boat was rammed by a Japanese destroyer during WWII. My uncle Grafton Burrell was a State Police officer assigned to protect the “Honey Fitz” a reconditioned PT Boat moored under a bridge on the Patomac River. On my birthday he took me and my father to see the boat. Although I was not allowed on board I will always remember the high gloss, varnished hull of this amazing vessel. It taught me there is great honor and pride in service to this country.
On 12, 24, 1991 approximately 11:30 AM at 2045 McDonald Ave, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, N.Y. After driving 14 hours X 7 Days for 90 Days straight not one check paid was honored by his bank. I became the victim of a racially motivated attack by owners Louis Balzano [a.k.a. Raging Bull] and his son Joseph of Always Auto Leasing of New York Inc., who owed me $380.00. This damaged lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas of my spine. Although contract to Child Welfare he had no Workman’s Compensation [WBC Case #09213258] insurance, in violation of NYC Executive Order #50. At the first hearing his lawyer presented papers showing over $144K owed. NYC never cancelled his Slone Kettering, Child Welfare or any other municipal contracts. This contract was over $10 million dollars, billing $32.50 per driver-hr X 24Hrs X 365 days. Whether his suspected former NYC police status of his corrupt criminal associations he was never prosecuted regardless of the 911 call placed at F train station [Kings Highway @ McDonald Ave.] approx. 11:45 AM & 12:00 Noon on Christmas Eve. IRS Lesson #9: Never work for a business that doesn’t pay in full or on time.

Flashback #2: 1956 Catholic Nursery School, Queens, N.Y. Sister EB would slap us about our heads when she reprimanded us, on many occasions punishment was to stay in a dark attic for hours. She also kept a little baby upstairs. At that age I didn’t know how to tell my mother what was happening, I would just cry. When I finally told, my mother came with the authorities and they closed the school. I made a promise then never allow any children to be abused by an adult.

10 years of finger pointing neither Always Auto Leasing or NYC paid for any damages. Over 25 former drivers found; had been similarly attacked, the African [in witness protection] was owed $4,000.00, shot 4 times in the back and dumped behind a factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To date Always Auto Leasing a.k.a. ‘The King” Car Washes, Starcruiser [Stillwell-Canarsie “Coney Island”], Brownstone [Brownsville-East New York], Sheepshead Express [Sheepshead Bay], Always Dependable [Bronx], Always Reliable [Kew Gardens-Parkway Village], Always Available [Rego Park-Ridgewood], Always Eveready [Forest Hills-Cypress Hills], Always/ Jo-Don Transport [Bensonhurst-Bay Ridge], 

His Limousine & Ambulance services in Queens, Brooklyn & the Bronx still has questionable vehicle safety issues, tax stamps, inspection and potential insurance fraud. I became homeless and forced onto Welfare “Social Slavery”, for almost 10 years in NYC. IRS Lesson #10: Don’t involve yourself in shady or the potential RICO matters of corrupt businesses. 
In 1974 my first child was born and I had to live up to my responsibilities as a father. Taking her mother to family court 

I gave her my name and made arrangements to pay child support. Because of the dangers at work I had the money sent payroll deduction. 

In 1975 started a second business with Julius Franklin [college friend] Free Love DJ’s and found neither the name or my partner profitable. In addition people wanted free services. IRS Lesson #2: Always write contracts and get a deposit of ½ at the signing. 
In 1985 working at Educational Technologies, Merrick, N.Y. I successfully bid a $10 million dollar contract for NYC school system in 1986. I was denied the promised 5% commission; reluctantly I took 1.5% and resigned. The next day in Mineola I filed business papers for DANCEFANTASY-Futurevision International. Re-organizing my DJ business Futurevision became the parent company as an A/ V consulting firm. IRS Lesson #6: Never work for people who don’t keep their word.

Summer 1986 contracted with Bob See at See Factor, NYC for the “Bi Centennial Celebration”. 

That same year I also worked for Bruce & Bruce Stage Scenery, NYC who produced the 1986 “Max Headroom” Coca Cola commercials; most famous for Super Bowl XXI where Phil Sims got his “MVP” award. Later that year Next Weekend Productions contracted me for both Genesis and Madonna World Tour load-outs at Evergreen Cargo, JFK airport. Both tours headlined at the Meadowlands Arena in N.J. IRS Lesson #7: Business is the art of spending money to make money.

In 1989 working for Philly at AP&R Printing, NYC I registered Shadow “Courier” System. Bonded I delivered bank checks: Amalgamated, Merchants & Chemical Banks/ trading houses: Paine Webber, Kidder Peabody, etc. He also printed menus/ guest checks for some [Little Italy] restaurants Casa Balla, PJ’s [Peligrinos] of Little Italy & Vincent’s Clam House to name a few. 
He had a heart attack in April that year and the business closed. IRS Lesson #8: We are owed nothing more than we have invested 

In July that same year I contracted with [Tekline Courier, NYC] who had the entire Citi Bank contract: BOC’s and electronics for installations or repairs. Other contracts: Deloite, Haskins & Sells [LOTTO], Readers Digest, Trading houses, Port Athority of NY & NJ. 

Late 1990 along with 1,500 other people acting as a foot messenger [Kangaroo Courier, NYC] under contract after Ronald Regan’s assassination attempt by John Hinkley. Contracts: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank AG, Fuji Bank, HSBC, Hong Kong Bank, Merrill Lynch, Manufacturers Hanover, AMEX & NASDEQ. 
​In 1993 to force the federal government to address my 17 year identity fraud [FTC Ref #1979409] case I volunteered to go inside MCC, N.Y. after the 1993 Trade Center Bombing for the U.S. Air Force. After 5 months over 200 arrests of a.k.a. Robert English’s was affected in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, N.J., N.Y., Massachusetts, North & South Carolina.

Flashback #3: 1983 Hunter College I was hired on a grant to help upgrade their AV services on paper. In reality I was hired to clean up the mess of a mediocre AV [Ray Nutkis] Director. 

His agenda didn’t include a minority supervisor and it was made clear from day one. My duties were repairs, AV services, auditorium set-ups while my counterpart sat in his office and read most of the time. I finally realized why my mother stressed being better than my co-workers. Every up-grade attempt was diminished by Ray’s negative feedback. After 10 months I gave notice that I wouldn’t stay another year. That is how I felt about the FBI complacency of my Identity fraud case. IRS Lesson #11: Never sacrifice your professional reputation for another individual’s incompetence. 

Between 1994 and 1995 I testified to congress through Dan Frisa, Nassau County, 4th District, House of Representative member about the inadequate security measures of the NYC Police Department, the potential for more terrorist attacks and some security lessons learned from the Vietnam War and how their implementation could save many innocent lives on Long Island. Since 1996 I have maintained direct communication with contacts at the defense department [Title 50 U.S.C. Internal Security of 1950] of any potential internal security problems. 

In 1996 bombing at B.A.T.F. H.Q. in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh deliberately killed many innocent children some were Native American. 

Flashback #4: A woman [Brigitte Sanfiorenzo-Bellittiere] I befriended in 1983 while at Hunter College acquired illegally a boo I retrieved from RR Bowker, NYC under inter-agency contract titled “Covert Operations In Nicaragua A CIA Manual” This tell-all book outlined political assassinations, dis-information etc. she married Frank [alias] Bellettiere 12-24-1983 in NYC and they both disappeared. To date tactics from and copies of that book has been found in various drug busts around the country.

 IRS Lesson #12: What is the meaning of life?...Don’t mess with the Feds; They always ask for the death penalty, the best you can hope for is life imprisonment.

Also 1996 the bombing of Khobar Towers, U.S.A.F. Base, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia would shock our nation again. However there was an Airman Brian W. McVeigh stationed as security there. Who was Brian W. McVeigh?, Is he the real source of the bombing? and Was he directly related to Oklahoma City through Timothy McVeigh? 
My DANCEFANTASY trademark was spinning records on my fingers and wearing white gloves..like Mickey Mouse".
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Click Photos For The Stories
In 2002 I came to the Pittsburgh area because of a dying relative. After years of working in the NYC tri-state area I'd never been robbed, beaten or mugged.
In August 2002 I was mugged on the North side by a 280+ lb Afro-American over near the Martin Luther King elementary school.
I resorted to living in this 52" projector TV box for almost five months including the Tornado that hit the Southside in August 2003. This was the 2nd time I became homeless.
Almost one year to the day I was attacked by a gang of white street kids on 18th street between Carson and Sara streets on the last day of the Carson Street festival. Both times I was coming home from work. When I left Pittsburgh I vowed to never be a victim of a violent crime ever again. I went back to Niagara Falls, N.Y. in September 2003.
Later that month I moved into a two bedroom apartment in Niagara Falls on the corner of Niagara and 10th streets. It took a little while for me to add the custom finishes to the apartment which included: new wall-to-wall carpet in the living room & large bedroom, tile floors in the dining room & small bedroom, paint and trim in the bathroom,  a hi-boy counter in the kitchen and a vent-free gas heater in the dining room. 
​401-407 10th street is a nine unit, two bedroom, apartment building in the downtown area of Niagara Falls.

This old charmer faced the Falls and had a perfect view of the fireworks show every weekend from the Canadian side. When the 600 room hotel was built for Seneca-Niagara Casino the fabulous view of the fiber optic Rainbow Waterfall became a daily treat in addition to the summer weekend fireworks. 
Four misguided Presidential administrations: (Clinton, Bush, Obama & Trump) knowingly or not, Hundreds of TV, Musicians & Movie personalities, most notably: (Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotbe, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Kevin Benson, Reba McEntire, Rachel Ray, Tyler Perry, Steve Wilko, Pat Sajak, Maury Povich, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Whoopi Goldgerg, Michael Jordan, Judge Judy Sheindlen, Judge Joe Green, Judge Marilyn Milian and the NASCAR Boys) The celebrity list is so long it’s like the Who’s Who of A**h*les. Three New York City Mayors: Rudolph Giuliani (who by the way of professional incompetence) allowed two sets of terrorists to bomb, mame and kill American citizens in "The Greatest City in the World", Michael Blumberg both made it their missions in life through (also) two terms to paint me as the greatest threat to America since Dr. Martin Luther King (who by the way became a relative) by marrying my aunt Coretta Scott. 

After the court NYC case I testified to Congress in 1996 through 4th District, Nassau County, N.Y. House of Representative Dan Frisa. I also had an in depth conversation with then Senator Virgil Goode Jr. 24th District, Roanoke, Bedford County, Virginia regarding the incompetence of the then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Shortly after that I was asked in July 1997 to attend the “First Annual Counter-Terrorism Conference in Atlanta”. Reluctantly I attended and my transportation and lodging was paid by some Congressional office. I made arrangements at the last minute to stay outside the city.  

Aside from a confidential de-briefing I had with Commander Richard Marcinko I came to the conclusion the Fulton County Sherriff’s Department didn’t have a clue and wasn’t even interested in the factual information that I imparted to Congress earlier that year. Information which was used in the upgrading of the “Patriot Act” and New York State “Welfare Reform” bills. 
Since I was a contracted foot messenger for three years during the Carter and Regan administrations and having more knowledge of the complicated security problems of NYC I was a qualified candidate to explain the problems and possibly offer a professional security solution. 

Needless to say the first day was eventful; I met Mr. Marcinko who autographed three copies of his book for me and my children. We briefly discussed an inside joke [“Charlie”] and why he’s the UDT SEAL mascot. The second day the Fulton County Sherriff was back in Pre-Civil Rights form and I left under protest never telling them what they needed to know. I will never go back to Atlanta, Georgia under any circumstances.
When I contacted the F.B.I. in 1984 my concerns were marginalized by the NYC offices and nothing was done. After contacting the Pentagon I received communication regarding ex-patriots in Bail Bonds, Private Investigators and Fugitive Retrieval. This criminal information didn't come out until 1987 after extensive searches in my Identity Theft Case #1979409.  

I spent approximately $98,000.00 to acquire the information which took almost 9 nine years and ended up piggybacking my case with the 1993 Trade Center Bombing so I didn't lose the statute of limitations. 

 In fact I had to pull a “Ricochet” to accomplish the unthinkable; sacrifice my freedom and risk death to protect my family, children and friends for some extremely dangerous felons: Drug Dealers, Rapists, Cop Killers, Muggers, Con Men, Car Jackers, Forgers, Murderers, Terrorists, Gang Bangers, Skin Heads & Neo Nazi’s.
Identity theft is no laughing matter!

When it occurs your life and world turns inside out and upside down. 

In 1983 several listings popped up in the telephone books. At that time I was doing Defense Investigations in the New York Tri-State area. I started in 1973 at Schweber Electronics in Jericho, Long Island. The only person that knew outside the government was my mother [Code Girl during WWII who worked for the League of Nations 1946-48 and United Nations 1948-64]. 

Being busted for possession of marijuana in Hempstead, NY. 1973 was my cover. Little did I know around the same time Gordon Glass [Roosevelt J. Sr. High, Roosevelt, NY] had raped Kim Clark at Springfield College in Mass. and gave my name when he was arrested. If I hadn't turned down a scholarship to M.I.T. in 1970 I would have gone to jail for a crime I never would commit. 

What was interesting in the rape case is that there were more individuals present. Leon Glass & Derek Partee were also at Springfield College that night. However Derek was protected by the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He later turned up in the Nassau County Police Department, 7th Precinct, Bethpage, N.Y. surprisingly just one town over from Farmingdale State University where I worked in the Audio-Visual Department in the evenings. 

For almost 40 years Gordon Glass avoided incarceration. To this day I truly believe it was with Derek’s assistance. He is still the prime suspect in circulating my information nationwide causing this massive Identity Fraud cover-up.

Historical Fact: 60% of all college and university rape cases are attributed to fraternity and sorority parties. Most get swept under the rug or are covered up with financial settlements. The privileged and powerful families unwilling to let justice prevail and sully their good names in the media. 

There were other law enforcement involvement Lewis Balzano [61st & 62nd Pct. NYC], Theodore Morasco [Suffolk County P.D.], P.O. Dimas [NYC Corrections P.D.]

​However to date there are approximately 2,557 supposed Robert English’s listed in the entire United States. So how many of these people are really criminals or terrorists hiding behind an honest person’s name. Only one of them turned in the other 350 [at the time] as terrorists in March, 1993 for possession of explosives and tied them the the first World Trade Center Bombing. It is inconceivable that the IRS, F.B.I. or the Federal Marshall’s can be this stupid or incompetent having allowed these “Enemies of the State”, Terrorists, RICO criminals to survive and prosper at the tax payers expense for so long with out so much as a plausible explaination!

How could so called intelligent people defame someone whithout any evidence?

What is it they don't want the American public to know?

Alabama (47)
Alaska (7)
Arizona (48)
Arkansas (31)
California (192)
Colorado (46)
Connecticut (21)
Delaware (17)
District of Columbia (10)
Florida (241)
Georgia (118)
Hawaii (6)
Idaho (13)
Illinois (112)
Indiana (48)
Iowa (14)
Kansas (17)
Kentucky (55)
Louisiana (30)
Maine (8)
Maryland (55)
Massachusetts (62)
Michigan (90)
Minnesota (4)
Mississippi (18)
Missouri 45)
Montana (16)
Nebraska (14)
Nevada (28)
New Hampshire (14)
New Jersey (80)
New Mexico (17)
New York (109)
North Carolina (98)
North Dakota (2)
Ohio (104)
Oklahoma (45)
Oregon (26)
Pennsylvania (168)
Rhode Island (10)
South Carolina (57)
South Dakota (7)
Tennessee (52)
Texas (169)
Utah (12)
Vermon t(1)
Virginia (80)
Washington (64)
West Virginia (12)
]Wisconsin (14)
Wyoming (3) 

Total: 2,557 ??
Flashback #5: During the Civil War a New York born General Sherman commanded a regiment which had some colored soldiers. The Georgia KKK decided to leave nothing alive; they raped, killed and emaciated Colored women and their female children. Colored men & boys were killed and castrated then they were all hung on trees lining the roadways to Atlanta. By the time Sherman’s army arrived the sight of this made them weep for the innocent victims. The only way to stop the diseased bodies from spreading was to burn every building, tree and body, all the way into Atlanta. Georgians never tell the whole story about why it was done….Why did they buried this is ugly little secret from most of our History books? We condemned Hitler for his atrocities!
In life as with history what we fail to learn or have forgotten becomes obstacles to our progress. 

So it is in the Japanese history the story of the 47 Ronin about master-less Samurai. Their Shogun had become a victim of treachery and witchcraft. They took an oath which was recorded: “When a crime is committed the world is unbalanced. When a wrong goes un-avenged the heavens look down on us in shame”.

Business is the same when someone defames or mis-uses your name or business to defraud the public, it insults our intelligence and steals your money. This is really an act of economic terrorism. 

When you support them instead of turning them in or punishing them you become a party to the same economic terrorism.

​I moved in 1998 and working undercover at Velocity Express in Teterboro, N.J. to acquire more information on the Trade Center Bombers motives. Later that year I discovered that what they spoke of inside MCC, New York was a bigger plot. I took information directly to the Pentagon in Virginia. 
In 1999 I went into Canada and hand delivered the criminal information found in the PDF above and put the Canadian Government on alert for any and all persons using the name Robert English as potential terrorists.
The following picture was removed. 

The photographer is more concerned with making money off the misery of others rather than imparting valuable security information! 

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Mrs. Coretta Scott-King  is My Fathers 2nd Cousin
​New York Nephew to Dr. Martin Luther King