ShadÖw System © is listed with Dun & Bradstreet #828971627 in 2008 In 2009 DOD CCR [Central Contractor Registration] as minority defense sub-contractor and NAICS #541613, #541690, #561621, #423710, #423110, #237130. In November, 2010 certified by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office #76/705165. Also in 2010 U.S. Customs HTTUS rulings for importing/ exporting Hovercraft, ATV's & Dirt Buggies. In June, 2011 my TSA [Transportation Security Administration] eligibility processed STA ID #DD6078BE5A93 General Services: Armed Courier-Transporter, Defensive-Driver [Lead/ V.I.P./ Chase], Legal Process Server & Voluntary Repossessions.

 In 2001 the company objective changed to include the following services: Risk AssessmentPackaged CCTV Systems, The "Life Hammer", PowerFlare [Safety Light], Safety Supplies, KnivesGun Care AccessoriesIn 2005 we became the North American Distributor for Pacific Hovercraft New Zealand Ltd. In 2009 limited agreements Biometric Door LocksBlueAnt  WirelessTGBTaiwan & Apache Motors,  U.K. makers of "DOT Street-Legal" ATV's. In 2010 we also added Akuma HelmetsHuVuR Motors & Chironex MotorsportsCanandaIn 2013 new agreements with EXLites, Australia & BioBolt manufacturer of biometric door locks. As a consumer H2O Wireless [AT&T Partner] provides quality services.

 A limited agreement was made with Vanair HovercraftAD Boivin & Hammerhead Motors all Canadian in 2005 & 2006. In 2010 "Rapid Mobility" hovercraft products from Australian HovercraftAustralia were added. Some of the first companies we contacted were not minority friendly.


 I am the product of a seven generation military family from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm. My mother [Helen K. Burrell] worked for [Rear Admiral Atherton] in Washington D.C. during WWIIShe was the first 
Afro-Native American to work for the League of 
Nations in 1946, Lake Success, Sperry facility in Long Island
In 1948 it was re-named United Nations. My Father 
[Howard English] served in the U.S. Army during WWII 
driving the "Red Ball Express" and fighting beside the 
French Resistance” to get safely behind 
allied lines. He was awarded the Croix de 
GuerreBronze StarPurple Heart
Good Conduct & European African 
Middle Eastern Theater Medals
In May 2001 my mother died

​In 1968 starting my military career with Civil Air Patrol [Nassau Squadron #6 in Freeport]. I quickly joined the Flight Line Crew, later Ground Rescue Team while acquiring Civil Defense, FCC Class #3 Announcer and #735 & #737 Restricted Radio-Telephone Operators licenses. I rose through the ranks to commissioned officer in two years while in high school. 
In 1969 & 1970 I left school early to attend Army R.O.T.C. classes at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. My handler [Mr. Popkin] coordinated classes; when finished I was speed reading 180+ wpm with 89% recall. In 1970 when Vietnam became full blown I discovered CAP [Civil Air Patrol] counted as basic training and service to the United States. I had already worked on my first major investigation FBI File #100-447935 [AIRTEL & WFO #100-46784 reports] on William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Rodham, which started in 1969 and ongoing through March 1993.  

ShadÖw System © was started in Hempstead, N.Y. April, 1986. Originally setup as a bonded courier service a division of Futurevision International it has become a security company with its own singular identity. Since 1991 it has expanded services to include the investigative experience gained over 20 years of Title 50 U.S.C. Defense Production checks for Aerospace, Electronics, Arms manufacturers and Title 50 U.S.C. Internal Security Act investigations at JFK International Airport. 

In the summer of 1992 a limited agreement was made with Progressive Technologies of America manufacturer of Allied Signal’ "Spectra-Shield" body armor as an outside sales representative for the Tri-State [N.Y., N.J., Conn.] area.

As a victim of “Identity Fraud’ and a three time victim of violent crimes I know how frustrating it can be. By using my own money and resources 500 people were arrested, for using my name and/ or business information. 
[ Click photo ]
After the 1993 Trade Center bombing Robert Howard English worked closely with 4th District [Nassau County, N.Y.] House of Representative member Dan Frisa on solutions to terrorism against the United States.
Memberships: Junior NRA since 1965, Life Member NRA, 50 Caliber Shooters Association since 1991, American Gunsmith Association in 2004, Concealed Weapon Permit #65-00003478 in 2011 Restricted Radio-Telephone Operator since 1968, AFL-CIO 707 Motor Freight [Forklift Operators & Warehousemen] since 1978. Awarded: NRA Golden Eagle 1991, 1993, 1994 and from Dan Frisa 4th District House of Representatives in 1996.
Always contact the company by e-mail or text massage 
516-236-5667/ TSA Specialist: 724-472-5513 
​In 1999 I traveled to the Niagara Falls area to see some native family I found in some letters to my mother. Since she was dying of cancer, having endured over 12 years including Chemotherapy and temporary remission. After arriving I consulted some history information and discovered "Walking the Ridge" a sacred Native tradition for braves to see if they were worthy to lead their people. You walk along a ridge that is only visible certain times of the year as far as your courage takes you.
In my case almost 200 feet out. I took a disposable camera to record this event and took several photos. Sadly the State Police weren't happy and took mos of the photos I had printed reminding me how dangerous it was and aside from my Native heritage I could not do this again.
I am the first Afro-Native American 
child to attend the United Nations 
International School [U.N.I.S.] in 
Parkway Village, Queens, N.Y. from 
1958 to 1960. It ended when I was hit
by a car driven by a Russian in June 1960!
My mother passed away on Memorial Day 2001 which possibly contributed to saving my life. I was working for Velocity Express out of Teterboro, New Jersey at the time and one of my runs went from Federal Reserve in Moonachie N.J. to Fedaral Reserve on Vessy Street [Back of the World Trade Center complex]. 

Returning from Canada after handling some matters regarding my mothers Canadian Registry I delivered phone books for Verizon in North Buffalo, Grand Island, Tonawanda, Seneca Falls and  Auburn. Early afternoon on  9/ 11 I was still in Auburn, N.Y. which saved my life
First 9/ 11 Memorial
In 2011 I finally needed a concealed carry permit due to the dangers of medical & bank deliveries.

In one last assignment I attended the 10th Anniversary of the 9/ 11 Shanksville, Pa. airplane crash for former President Jimmy Carter.

Assigned to an outside detail attatched to the Federal Marshal in N.Y.
Dale [R.I.P.] & Abby Sarjent 
Wings Over Pittsburgh 
​In 2013 the 19 Tuskeegee Ariman from the Pittsburgh were officially honored. This is a crowning achievement not only for Afro-Native Americans "Red Tails" but for the whole Pittsburgh area.