The 100% Mobile Infantry Is The Future!

  During the Revolutionary War the British soldiers marched in a straight line. It didn't take the settlers long to realize hiding in the woods offered a tactical advantage.Since the Vietnam War the evolution of new warfare tactics and vehicles has evolved. At one time only Delta Force, UDT Seals or RECON units got to have these types of goodies. Shadow System realizes the tactical advantages of our product lines. 

​                            has been making ATV transmissions & chassis for Suzuki, Artic Cat & Polaris since 1978. TGB has complete in-house CNC design & tooling 425cc to 550cc ATV versions available in most lines forany applications . TGB Warranty: 2 Year Parts & Labor EPA/DOT/CARB/ Euro 2 Approved  {Right Click to Zoom Video]​
 The "TARGET" [ATSV] All-Terrain Tactical Scout Vehicle is available in 425cc/ 525cc & 550cc 4X4 versions. Also available are 400cc/ 500cc 4X2. We supply Ti-Moly Sprockets and Ti-Moly Self-Lubricating Smart Chains for the 4X2 [ATTSV].

 The "BLADE" [ATAV] All-Terrain Tactical Scout Vehicle is available 425cc/450cc/ 525cc & 550cc 4X4 versions. Both Lines have Dual Headlights, Turn Signals, Emergency Flashers, Winches, Skid Plates & Carry Racks as standard equipment.
 The NEW 2013 SnowHawkMST series is the most exciting Off-trail, powerful and agile snowmobile that exists since its debut in 2002-2003. The ability to thread anywhere, between trees and branches (without fearing damaging the ski or body) is truly off-trail riding. This is a real "Enduro", machine on snow like motorbikes on rallies like the Paris Dakar. Available "Outlaw" 600cc H.O. [Left], "Top Gun" 800cc H.O [Below] & 900cc RR [below Left]. [Dirt/ Sand/ Water] although not designed for this use. 

 Introducing [TSV] Tactical Snow VehicleThe New Video Demo Is Really Awesome Ehh!
Engine; Type: Rotax 800 H.O. 
2 cylinders, 2 stroke, Displacement:
799 cc, Bore X Stroke: 82 mm x 
75,7 mm, Exhaust: Single tune pipe 
with silencer, Horsepower: 140 hp 
(103 kW) @ 8,100 RPM, 
Carburetion: 2 x TM40, Cooling:  
Liquid, Drive clutch: TRA III, Driven 
clutch: HPV VSA 10, Final drive: 
60 mm Dry coq belt with TLS.
For 2013 HuVuR [Formerly Hammerhead] Motors ALL NEW RENEGADE 600cc 4X4 is proving they are the innovative leader in off-road vehicles. After much conversation and after some new modifications the RENEGADE is now being made available. Top Speed: 90kph/ 55mph 
   [UTAV] Ultra-Light Tactical Assault Vehcile

 In secret talks with Bill Connelly new
 specifications were made to the frame
 as well as the suspension to upgrade
 the NEW RENEGADE 4X4 [At Right] & the
 NEW PREDATOR 600CC 4X4. [Below & Left] 
 Top Speed: 130kph/ 80mph
 New Tactical Advantage Is "Mobile Infantry 2100​​"  
 In 2010 I contacted Chironex Motorsport, Canada about 
 marketing the 2 pax. KOMODOin a limited agreement marketing to Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs, Border Patrol & Rapid Mobility. New in 2011 a 1000CC version of the 4x4 with a Top Speed: 130kph/ 80mph became available.
 In a limited agreement marketing to Law Enforcement, Customs & Border Patrol & Rapid Mobility.n a limited agreement marketing to Law Enforcement, Customs & Border Patrol & Rapid Mobility. The Komoto is similar to the Predator 800cc 4X4. 

Our products configured differently than the stock vehicle but I bet my life on the upgrades. To sell to Military, Security Companies and Law Enforcement you have to know the problems encountered in the field. I have over 18 years in the field you should know when it hits the fan all you got is yourself, your equipment or your team. All Pricing USD includes U.S. Customs and Shipping. 

The SHADOW PACKAGE is priced based on your specific needs. Challenge the Competition To Do The Same!
NEW in 2010 The X-Gen [Track System] line is being marketed. Specialty division of TJD Fabrications, Canada these adaptive track systems can convert any ATV, UTV or Dirt Buggie into a snow, mud or sand vehicle.

X-Gen Series: Universal/ Woodland/ 
Desert & X-Track [for larger vehicles].
Custom fitment orders are available.
   This next idea is a collaboration with Stephen Preest of Pacific Hovercraft, New Zealand Ltd. I was so impressed with the quality and advanced design of the "Slider" [commercial name] that I signed on to be the North American Distributor of the Pacific Hovercraft. After some discussion a Law Enforcement/ Military Only version was created. These upgrades have been patented under Pacific Hovercraft Nz. Ltd. & Shadow System LLC. We are the only credible source for the exact craft specifications marketed to the U.S. Defense Department.
The “Sand Shark” will revolutionize mobility in future warfare scenarios!

Produced by Pacific Hovercraft of NewZealand Ltd. It utilizes German made Hirth 100HP engines [specifications Included], Marine Grade Aluminum hulls, DuPont KEVLAR composite upper hull, a permanent floatation collar, is field serviceable with ease of operation and low training times. Speeds of 50 mph [depending on number of occupants] with approximately 2-3 hours cruise on a full tank. We have recently formed an agreement with a U.S. manufacturer to create special Carbon Fiber bodies for Military Only Sales.

The SOCOM version [FACV] Fast Air Cushioned Vehicle is lightweight, fast, agile, able to carry four men, field gear and weapons. It offers SOCOM, an "Ultralight Tactical Vehicle" for Pararescue/ SEAL or Border Patrol a quasi-amphibious vehicle with unique characteristics unlike any vehicle the military has ever owned before or since the Vietnam War.
Raider ATV Cover Combo