Since 1970 I have worked for various electronics manufacturers and distributors on Long Island, New York. In consumer electronics distribution: Lafayette & Emerson, in commercial, industrial and military Ademco, Arrow and Schweber Electronics.
Working under contract for two CCTV installation companies I pulled cable for both CCTV and Motion Detector installs while still a student at SUNY Farmingdale, New York.

Shadow System can build you a CCTV security systems for any home & garage, office, store or warehouse. Our systems are turnkey complete with Cameras', Mounts, Cables, Monitor and either Hard Drive or DVD burner. DRV recorders and upgrades are easy and even cheaper when the upgrade is done during the purchase phase. [Click Photos For Videos]

Any multiplex system can be upgraded as needed. A full array of covert camera options are available to help combat employee theft and shoplifting. 

Our Law Enforcement Only Packages provide a comprehensive & impressive line of in-car, covert, perimeter defense, surveillance and threat detection options. As a Vietnam era veteran I shouldn't have to remind you today the rules of engagement have changed. In an age where the criminals are a lot smarter, bolder and much more dangerous we have what you really need!  

 Colt CRT Knives

 Samuel Colt started Colt Mfg. the famous manufacturer of Colt 45 Revolvers and later the 1911 Pistols as well as the M1, M1A1, M14 Combat rifles and the AR-15 family of Assault rifles. Who would have thought that Colt would incorporate a quality line if knives to their sales inventory. These Linerlock CRT series knives are the most comprehensive and user friendly knives I have ever owned. As a constant user I have found these CRT knives quick, sharp, reliable and with the action adjustable screw I have the ability to open the knife like a switchblade or tighten it to open slower. 

Lockback knives have one flaw if you’re working with the
 knife and accidently press down on the back the knife will 
close and anything in the way will get cut…Usually your 
hand. Linerlock knives only close when you reach inside 
and manually depress the locking mechanism. Surprisingly 
this can be done with one finger without releasing your grip 
on the knife. 

These knives also have a smooth thumb stud and the frame 
and action can be adjusted from both sides using an Allen 
wrench or Philips screwdriver.
Model CT332 CRT knife is a 3.75” Black coated drop point 440A Stainless Steel blade knife. Black checkered aluminum handles with a lanyard hole to the back. A smooth thumb stud and pocket clip are also included. 
Model CT335 CRT knife is a 3.75” Black coated drop point 440A Stainless Steel blade Black horizontal groove aluminum handles a lanyard hole to the back. A smooth thumb stud and pocket clip are also included.
The Colt Tactical/ Survival series knives are designed solely for combat and survival in some of the most inhospitable places. When your life depends on it you’ll be assured that these tactical knives will bail you out and get you back alive. Combat and Survival are no joke, all you have are your skills and the tools at hand. These straight edged knives are the ticket.
Model CT357 Tactical knife is a Black coated drop point 8.25” overall, 440A Stainless Steel blade, Black smooth aluminum handle w/ lanyard hole to the back. A sheath is also included.  [See Photo Right]
Model CT57 Guardian Tactical was designed by custom knife maker Fred Carter. The knife is a Tanto point 8” overall, 440A Stainless Steel blade, CryoEdge treated to -300 degrees. Black checkered ABS handles. A sheath is also included. [See Photo At Left]
Model CT58 Guardian Tactical was designed by custom knife maker Fred Carter. This knife is a drop point 8.25” overall, 440A Stainless Steel blade, CryoEdge treated to -300 degrees. Black checkered ABS handles. A sheath is also included.
Model CT286 Tactical Fighter is a Black coated drop point 10.5” overall, 8Cr14 Stainless Steel blade, Black cast metal handle, thumb ridge, with a lanyard hole to the back. A sheath is also included. [See Photo At Left]
Military Machete

This little gem was found at one of my knife suppliers and I couldn’t resist trying one out. Most so called Machetes are really crap. Either they’re too light to get the job done effectively or too cheap to last long 
enough to finish.
What I like most about this well crafted Stainless Steel beauty is the feel. From the time you pick it up until you set it down it just feels right. 

The finger grooves are in all the right places… even Goldilocks would be jealous. The Black rubber handles are secured with Allen screws…unlike the riveted kind that fall apart.  It also features an 11.25” Tanto blade with an overall length of 19.25”. Weight and balance Is good due mostly to the full blade/ handle shaft. 
Invented by Ken Deuker a former California police officer PowerFlare® PF-200 Safety Light is your best friend. Whether you're using it on the road during traffic accidents, boating, scuba diving, hiking, camping or during search & rescue this innovative new product is a must have. Great for natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, avalanches and major power outages. 
Produced by John Dunning at PF Distribution LLC. this compact 4” diameter PowerFlare® is powered by a single CR123 Li battery [Lithium], is waterproof and it also floats. It emits 360 degrees of Ultra-Bright LED light that is visible on clear nights for up to 10 mi., up to 3 mil. in fog. 

About the size of a hockey puck, it’s strong enough to withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds, even fire trucks or armored vehicles. PowerFlare® PF-200 carries a 10 yr. storage life 
  The Official Safety Flare For SHADOW SYSTEM

 PowerFlare® provides powerful lighting w/ simple push button controls. Multiple lighting patterns are combined in one compact PF-200 light source. [9] Patterns Duration: [2 types] Double Blink-30hrs., Single Blink-100 hrs., Rotate- 15 hrs., Alternate-10 hrs., SOS (Morse Code) Rescue-24 hrs., High Continuous-8 hrs., Low Continuous-60 hrs., Nightlight -60 hrs. Standard LED Colors are Red or Yellow with Outer Shells available also in Red or Yellow. This is the official signal flare. 

HeaterMeals Entrees, on the other hand, were nutritionally designed "Survival Foods". The 12 ounce main entrees in HeaterMeals are 50% larger than 8 ounce MRE Entrées.  

HeaterMeals 3 & HeaterMeals EX Self-Heating Meal Kits are higher in protein, fiber content, as well, yet lower than MREs in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. In fact HeaterMeals Kits contain no Trans Fats. Cafe2Go serves 18 Hot Beverages in minutes. "Everything to Enjoy A Hot Beverage Anytime, Anyplace.”
As a professional transporter and bonded courier I have logged over two million miles. SHADOW SYSTEM was opened in 1989 while in Hempstead, N.Y.
 HEATERMEALS go where I go. In an emergency or when I need to eat they're always ready!
  We are not a general supplier of this product; However if you are our client and your order is sufficient [1,500+ pc. MINIMUM] we can get you what you need! 
April 2010 a sub-contractor agreement was made with AAR Mobility Systems a leading global supplier of rapid deployment equipment and mobile tactical shelters, offering products that enhance disaster and emergency rescue or to help the military mobilize, deploy, maneuver & sustain forces in the field.
In these changing times of earthquakes and natural disasters a few of these AES Collapsible shelters [very top] would be just the ticket. They [3] are pallet transportable and air ship on cargo craft. 
 Included: lanyard cord &nylon belt sheath
LARA CROFT........

HOTLINE:  716-200-9428
PowerFlare®  "Safety Lights" 
This is the 21st Century, criminals are smarter and more daring. Isn't your apartment, condo or home worth the added security of biometric door locks?
Intelligent Biometric Controls: BoiBolt Deadbolts and One Touch Biometric Door Locks are an added security feature. Most insurance companies give additional discounts for high-security locks. It was designed in the United States by Intelligent Biometric Controls Inc. With the input of thousands of US consumers as well as multiple well-respected US locksmiths and security firms, we have created a deadbolt lock that truly accomplishes a unique blend of style and unparalleled security. In addition, we have secured the highest quality components for the BioBolt® & 1 Touch® to redefine a new standard in home or business biometric locks. “No More Lost Keys”. 

Now your home or vacation home, apartment or condo can have a level of security that was once only reserved for governments and the military. 
​BioBolt EVO3 Biometric Deadbolt

The BioBolt EVO 3 is the new generation of biometric door [1 Touch] locks & deadbolts [BioBolt]. BioBolt EVO 3 fingerprint and pin pad deadbolt features a protective slide cover for the scanner, keeping it protected from the "elements". It is the first biometric deadbolt that offers a pin pad as an alternative to gain access to a secured area. The lock will fit your existing US standard deadbolt holes without having to modify your door. 

Color Options: Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze, Polished or Antique Brass. BioBolt EVO 3 Deadbolt Specs: holds 99 users, No Audit Trail.
​1 Touch EVO3 Biometric Door Lock

The 1 Touch EVO 3 is the new generation of biometric door locks. In addition, we have secured the highest quality components for the 1 Touch EVO 3 to redefine the standard in biometric locks. “No More Lost Keys” 1 Touch EVO 3 fingerprint and pin pad door lock features a protective slide cover for the scanner, keeping it protected from the "elements". It is the first biometric deadbolt that offers a pin pad as an alternative to gain access to a secured area. 
The lock will fit your existing US standard door lock holes. No door modifications necessary. Available Colors: Satin Nickel, Polished or Antique Brass.

1 Touch EVO 3 AT Door Lock Specs: The “AT” [Audit Trail] holds 36 users w/ Audit Trail// 1 Touch EVO 3 HC Specs: “HC” [High Capacity] holds 75 users, No Audit Trail.
​“The Future Is At Your Door”
Suprema Face Station

This is the Next Generation in Face Recognition Technology, “Face Station”. It offers high security with quick access, built-in camera with light source, Dual CPU architecture. Stores up to 1,000 users, 4.3” LCD Touchscreen and intuitive GUI. Complete Access Control, TP/ IT ready, Time Clock-In/ Out, Audit Trail features, ID Pin Code, Intercom feature. This product won the 2012 Detektor International Award for Innovative Achievement Catagory Designed for indoor use only!

Ceci est la prochaine génération de technologie de reconnaissance des visages, "Station Face". Il offre une grande sécurité avec un accès rapide, appareil photo intégré avec une source lumineuse, l'architecture Dual CPU. Stocke jusqu'à 1000 utilisateurs, 4.3 "écran tactile LCD et interface graphique intuitive. Complète de contrôle d'accès, TP / TI prêt, Time Clock-In / Out, caractéristiques Audit Trail, ID code Pin, fonction Intercom. Ce produit a remporté le Prix international Detektor 2012 Innovative Achievement Catagory Conçu pour une utilisation en intérieur!
Suprema BioEntry Plus/ Suprema BioEntry W [Wireless]

BioEntry Plus is an IP based fingerprint access control point for your medium or large business. Suprema is using NextGen facial recognition technology to bring high security to all business platforms small, medium or large. This TCP/ IP ready device has a built-in relay for direct door control with 1 relay output and two digital inputs. Designed for indoor/ outdoor use.

In addition to it’s fingerprint recognition scanner it has multiple RF Milfare ID Card and Proximity Card options. Huge fingerprint storage capacity allows 5,000 fingerprints. Audit Trail features up to 50,000 event logs. The Command Card feature lets you Enroll/ Delete users at any terminal. Great for visiting employees, occasional clients or conferences including employee New Hires/ Terminations. Incorporate this into the security plan for your next new office building or warehouse security upgrade!
BioEntry Plus ist eine IP-basierte Zugangskontrolle per Fingerabdruck Punkt für mittlere oder große Geschäft. Suprema wird mit NextGen Technik zur Gesichtserkennung, um eine hohe Sicherheit für alle Business-Plattformen kleine, mittlere oder große zu bringen. Das TCP / IP-fähige Gerät hat ein eingebautes Relais für die direkte Türsteuerung mit 1 Relaisausgang und zwei digitale Eingänge. Konzipiert für Indoor / Outdoor-Einsatz.

Neben es Fingerabdruckerkennungsscanner hat mehrere HF Milfare ID Card und Proximity Card-Optionen. Riesige Fingerabdruckspeicherkapazität ermöglicht 5.000 Fingerabdrücken. Audit Trail bietet bis zu 50.000 Ereignisprotokolle. Das Command-Karte-Funktion können Sie einschreiben / Benutzer löschen jeder Terminal. Sehr geeignet für den Besuch Mitarbeitern gelegentliche Kunden oder Konferenzen einschließlich Mitarbeiter Neue Mitarbeiter / Anschlüsse. Integrieren Sie diese in den Sicherheitsplan für Ihre neue Bürogebäude oder Lagersicherheits Upgrade!
Building a New Condo Development or Office Complex?

Contact us about custom solutions to enhance your security protocols to protect your clients and your investment.
Suprema Bio Station T2 [Indoor Omly Applications]
ALL NEW FOR 2015-2016 Suprema Bio Station 2 [IP65 Weatherproof]
Suprema Bio Station T2  [Indoor Use Only]/ BioStation 2 IP65 Weatherproof are both high performance fingerprint recognition IP terminal that includes a back-up facial recognition option that compares your photo with on file records to grant access. In addition it also features: RF Card [swipe] access & ID Pin Code access. 5” LCD Touchscreens have built-in camera for face recognition, Video-Phone interface with built-in speakerphone. 

The There is also four separate configurable function keys for Time & Attendance of employees like in/ out duty events. For 2015 the BioStation 2 features an IP65 certified weather proof exterior, allows designers both inddor & outdoor solutions. It also features: standard TCP/IP and RS485 interfaces for main communication between devices and the server. It also supports traditional RS232, USB, and Wiegand interfaces to provide maximum versatility. BioStation 2 has built-in WiFi and power-over-ethernet for flexible installation options. Incorporate any of these into your security plan for new condos, office buildings or warehouse, office and elevator upgrades and graduate to the “NextGen Recognitoin Technologies”. 
Suprema Bio station T2 [de l'utilisation à l'intérieur uniquement] / BioStation 2 IP65 intempéries sont à la fois haute performance reconnaissance d'empreintes digitales terminal IP qui inclut une option de reconnaissance faciale back-up qui compare votre photo avec des enregistrements de fichiers d'accorder l'accès.
En outre, il dispose également: l'accès Carte RF [balayage] d'accès & ID code Pin. 5 "Les écrans tactiles LCD ont intégré dans la caméra pour la reconnaissance faciale, l'interface vidéo-téléphone avec haut-parleur intégré.
SUPREMAバイオ駅T2[屋内での使用のみ]/ BioStation2 


Designed to provide matching & authentication in an instant. Leveraging the powerful hardware and sophisticated algorithms, the device can match and authenticate up to 20,000 fingerprints per second

Conçu pour fournir une correspondance et l'authentification en un instant. Tirant parti des algorithmes de matériels sophistiqués et puissants, le dispositif peut correspondre et d'authentifier jusqu'à 20.000 empreintes digitales par seconde.
BioStation 2 features an IP65 certified weather proof exterior. IP65 protection allows system designers to place the terminal in both inddor and outdoor environments. Features: standard TCP/IP and RS485 interfaces for main communication between devices and the server. It also supports traditional RS232, USB, and Wiegand interfaces to provide maximum versatility. BioStation 2 features built-in WiFi and Power-over-Ethernet for flexible installation options.

Massive memory capacity the device can manage up to 1,000,000 fingerprint templates, which translates to 500,000 maximum users [equivalent to the population of a large metro area such as Miami]. Additionally it can hold up to 3,000,000 logs for backup in case of a connection loss to server in order to safely guard all records.
Capacité de mémoire massive le dispositif peut gérer jusqu'à 1.000.000 modèles d'empreintes digitales, ce qui correspond à 500.000 utilisateurs maximales [équivalent de la population d'une grande zone de métro telles que Miami]. En outre, il peut contenir jusqu'à 3.000.000 journaux pour la sauvegarde en cas de perte de la connexion au serveur afin de se prémunir en toute sécurité tous les records.