​As of December 31, 2012 I suspended services to American Expediting. In the early stages of our business relationship I was making enough money to keep a professional maintenance schedule on my Dodge minivan. Driving 1,500+ miles a week you need to show at least minimum net $750.00 per week. I don't really know if it was being the outsider or Afro-American in the Pittsburgh area, the disparity between my Caucasian counterparts salaries and mine was obvious. Telephone & mail tampering forced me to Shadow System back to Niagara Falls, N.Y. for security.
My Definition: A terrorist is anyone domestic [American] or foreigners who uses your name, information and/ or resources to frame, extort, misrepresent, destroy, accept payment and buy or sell products. 

These Scum-Suckers are worse and are more dangerous because they misuse the system and should all be imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!
2004 Chyrysler Crossfire

March, 1, 2018 I went back to New York City to cellebrate the 70th Annaversary of my elementry education at the United Nations International School. I am the first and possibly only Afro-Native American child to be educated by the United Nations. I went from 1959 through 1961. At that time my mother was working for the United Nations in NYC. 

I was the only American child in a class with [2] Chinese, French, German, East Indian, British, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean and Jewish children. In the three years I was a student we were required to learn Franch [starting in 1st. Grade]. I was hit by a car driven by a Russian on the last day of 3rd. Grade. My 1st Grade teacher Ms. Dorothy Roberts was British and very well educated.
In 1986 I reachout to her while working for a company [Educational Technologies] that sold Learning Labratory equipment for Merrick, N.Y. Although she was happy to hear from me. At that time she had become the Head Principal of the United Nations School system. However I was not allowed by the owner to accompany him regarding the proposals or the sale.

In 2005 while later living in Niagara Falls, New York I had a chance meeting with her at the Niagara Falls library. She tated that she had retired as the head principal and was returning to England. She never mentioned her illness. The United Nations has lost one of the truely great educators of the 20th Century.